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What makes a Big Bang Diamond different from other diamonds?

Traditionally, a round cut diamond contains 58 facets, but a Big Bang Diamond has 90 facets! This means it has over 50% more than other diamonds. These additional facets allow for more reflection of light within the diamond, which makes the diamond more brilliant and vibrant than a similar diamond containing fewer facets.

Are Big Bang Diamonds ‘Natural’?

Yes. Big Bang Diamonds are 100% natural diamonds. In fact, all the Big Bang Diamonds that you see in our showroom are more than 4.3 billion years old! To put that in perspective—dinosaurs existed only about 3 million years ago. Although the diamonds may be ancient, the technology used to create such a unique cut is quite new.

Is there a visual difference between a Big Bang Diamond and other diamonds?

Yes. If you compare a Big Bang Diamond with a traditional round cut diamond containing fewer facets, you will most certainly be able to tell a difference in their visual appearance. A Big Bang Diamond will have more fire & sparkle because of the increased number of facets. The difference in the diamonds is easily detected with the naked eye alone.

Is there a price difference between a Big Bang Diamond and a traditional diamond?

If you compare a Big Bang Diamond and a traditional diamond with similar color and grade, the Big Bang Diamond will almost always come in at a lower price. In a sense, you will get more ‘bang’ for your buck.

What are my different options for settings if I buy a Big Bang Diamond?

A Big Bang Diamond can be set into any setting that a traditional cut diamond can be set in. At The Miner’s Den, we also have the most up-to-date technology that allows you to create nearly any custom piece of jewelry you can dream of. Big Bang Diamonds don’t have to be limited to rings—in fact, you could use a Big Bang Diamond when creating any piece of jewelry.

What if I have more questions about The Big Bang Diamond?

At Miner’s Den Jewelers, we are here to help answer any questions you may have. You can always give us a call during business hours to ask questions or to set up an appointment to speak with one of our many diamond experts. Appointments aren’t always necessary, and we welcome you to come visit our store at any time.

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