The Birth of "The Big Bang Diamond"


Since the 4th century B.C., India has been a principle source for rough and polished diamonds. Indian diamond polishers have cut some of the most important diamonds in the last three centuries. India's fine craftsmen have fashioned many of the world's most famous gems like the Kohinoor, meaning "The Mountain of Light" and the Darya-i-noor, meaning "Ocean of Light". The diamond cutters were attached to different Royal families in India. The diamond polishing family would pass their craft on to the next generation, who would try to get even more brilliance and sparkle from the diamond; they called this the "Light" or the "Fire".

"The Big Bang Diamond" was created by a diamond cutter who is a descendant of one of the great diamond cutting families who worked exclusively for a Royal Family in India in the 1800's. In 2001, the cutter discovered his father's sketch for a new diamond cut with the word "Agni" scribbled on it.

"Agni" is a Sanskrit word, (the ancient language of India), meaning fire; it is a spiritual word that means the light and fire of the soul. His father's sketch melded together the great 18th Century diamonds with the modern brilliant cut. His father had written the sacred word "Agni" to convey the diamond's brilliance! After years of experimenting in the factory on a diamond wheel, he discovered the "fire" in a 90 faceted diamond that is now known as "The Big Bang Diamond".


The Big Bang Diamond vs. Round Brilliant

1. Superior Light Performance:
The Big Bang Diamond has 90 facets versus the traditional 58 facets. It has the ability of maximizing the light return for better brilliance and sparkle.

2. Unique architecture melding tradition with science:
The Big Bang Diamond inherits from the famous Kohinoor Diamond which was cut hundreds of years ago by hand. The diamond is cut by Master cutters using the traditional art over modern diamond wheels. It takes the artisans up to three times the normal time to cut and bring out the maximum brilliance from the diamond.

3. The Big Bang Diamond is an artisan cut with 32 "extra" facets:
The master diamond cutters are artisans who take their time to make this beautiful diamond. The beauty of The Big Bang Diamond cut comes from its 32 extra facets. This reengineering of the bezel and star facets create superior light return, maximizing brilliance and sparkle. The arrangement, with the correct proportion of facets, creates prisms of light for better light refraction. It is not just the amount of facets but their arrangement which makes the architecture of The Big Bang Diamond a special cut diamond.