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Containing over 50% more facets than a traditional Diamond, The Big Bang Diamond® creates an explosion of light and color unlike any other Diamond. Just as everything else has evolved over time, so has the science behind Diamond cutting. After years of research and testing, our artisanal Diamond cutters have perfected a way in which the Diamond reflects and refracts the most brilliant combination of light and color possible.

The beautiful display of light which makes a Diamond appear as if it were glowing is due to the facets refracting the rays that enter into the gem, and reflecting them back out. The anatomy of the Diamond is incredibly important to the quality of light being reflected out of the Diamond. A minor change in the angle of the facets, or a height difference in the pavilion could change the quality of a Diamond entirely.

Big Bang DiamondsA traditional round-brilliant cut Diamond contains 58 facets, whereas The Big Bang Diamond® contains 89 facets (90 facets with a culet). These introduction of these additional facets in the Diamond allow for more refraction and reflection to take place, which produces a more brilliant appearance to the Diamond.

If you were to compare The Big Bang Diamond to a traditional Diamond, you would notice not only a difference in outward appearance, but also The Big Bang Diamond is more appealing in terms of price. In order to demonstrate this point, we have selected two Diamonds, a Big Bang Diamond and a traditional round Diamond, and we will look at them side by side.

Big Bang Diamonds 2The Big Bang Diamond selected is a 1.01 Carat round ISI2, and the traditional round Diamond is a 1.00 Carat ISI1. Simply put, both of these Diamonds are ‘Slightly Included’ with a color graded as ‘Near Colorless’. In short, these Diamonds are very similar in terms of grading, which makes them excellent to compare with.

The Big Bang Diamond received an ‘Excellent’ Optical Brilliance Rating, which is associated with ‘the overall return of light to the viewer.’ The Big Bang Diamond gets its Optical Brilliance Big Bang Diamonds 3 from its 89 carefully cut facets that work together to create the most brilliant Diamond possible.

Another advantage The Big Bang has compared to other Diamonds is that compared to a similar Diamond, The Big Bang Diamond often comes with a smaller price tag. In the case of the two Diamonds compared here, The Big Bang Diamond ($5,080) is nearly 25% less than the traditional round Diamond ($6,750). Of these two Diamonds, The Big Bang Diamond is 0.01 Carats larger, but when it comes down to price it is nearly $1,700 less. It’s safe to say that you definitely get ‘more Bang for your buck’ with a Big Bang Diamond.

Come to The Miner’s Den and see the Big Bang Diamond in person to truly see how The Big Bang Diamond is truly a cut above the rest.

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