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Lab Created Diamonds at Miner’s Den Jewelers
When you’re in the market to purchase a Diamond, it’s always smart to have all of your questions answered throughout the process. At Miner’s Den Jewelers, education ia all part of the experience. Check out these frequently asked questions regarding Lab Created Diamonds to get started!
Are Lab Created Diamonds Real Diamonds?
Yes! A Lab Created Diamond and a Natural Diamond are physically, chemically, and optically identical. A diamond’s origin is the only difference -- one forms naturally in the Earth, and one goes through similar conditions replicated in a lab.
Do Lab Created Diamonds Cost Less?
Yes! Choosing a Lab Created Diamond as opposed to a Natural Diamond is usually the most cost-effective option. Lab Created Diamonds can often be upwards of ~30% less than an identically graded (cut, color, clarity, & weight) Natural Diamond.
Do Lab Created Diamonds Look the same as Natural Diamonds?
Yes! Lab & Natural Diamonds are optically identical. Jewelers such as ourselves have a very specific set of tools and devices to help determine a Lab Created Diamond from a Natural Diamond, but to the naked eye it would be impossible.
Which Diamond is Right for Me?
Our goal is to provide you with enough knowledge in order to make the perfect decision for yourself. Miner’s Den Jewelers carries an excellent assortment of both Lab Created & Natural Diamonds, and we are always happy to show you each option side-by-side and answer questions to help you
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