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 Jewelry Appraisals

Did you know that not all renter's or home owner's insurance policies cover the theft or loss of jewelry? Speak to your agent. If your policy will insure your items, you need to have them included on your homeowner's or renter's insurance policy, which means a complete description and value of each item must be listed on your insurance policy. If your policy does not cover jewelry, or if it covers pieces only of a certain value or for theft but not for loss, you'll need another policy just for your jewelry. Miner's Den works closely with Jeweler's Mutual Insurance, and they deal strictly with jewelry. Our sales associates can get you in contact with their agents to discuss what would work best for you. Regardless, any pieces you want to insure will have to be appraised. We offer appraisals on every type of jewelry: Rings, Watches, Bracelets, Necklaces or Pendants, and Earrings.


What should I have appraised?


Miner's Den recommends insuring items that are valued at over $1000. Between the cost of an appraisal, insurance premiums, and any deductible you might carry on your policy, it is often not monetarily sound to have a piece that is valued at, say, $500 appraised.


How much do appraisals cost?

The fee structure for written appraisals is listed below. However, keep in mind that there is no charge for our advice in determining if items are worth appraising. Please note that if items have been changed in any way (a ring is sized, links are added to or taken out of a watch or bracelet, etc.) they must be re-appraised in order to be accurate on your policy. This is because metal and possibly stones have been added or removed, and the value of the piece has changed. Also, insurance companies will ask that you have your appraisals updated every few years, possibly as many as 5, regardless. Please check with your agent to find out how often they require updated appraisal values. Please understand that you will have to leave your items with us for a few days for the appraisal process. There will be an additional fee for appraisals requested finished in less than 48 hours.

*New Appraisal: $150 Each Item & $100 for Each Additional Item
*Appraisal Updates on Miner's Den Appraisals: $50 each*


What can I do to prevent theft or loss?



The majority of theft occurs when workers, guests, or friends are in your home, and your jewelry is visible or accessible for them to steal. Thefts of this nature can be prevented. When you're not wearing your jewelry, secure it in a home safe or hiding spot that is inconspicuous for thieves, yet convenient for you. Otherwise follow this advice to effectively conceal your valuables:


Tips for loss prevention

  • As contrary as it seems, do not store your high-end jewelry in a jewelry box left out on the dresser, or stored in one of the dresser drawers. These places, as well as almost any other spot in your bedroom, are where thieves look first for jewelry. Be original when selecting a location in your home to store jewelry; choose a place that's not easy to find. (Jewelry boxes are the best way to keep your pieces organized and safe from both entanglement and damage. If you do have a jewelry box, be sure to store it somewhere out of the way, where people wouldn't think to look for it. You might want to think about getting a safe in which to store it.)
  • Never leave jewelry sitting out in the open on a counter or dresser. Take a moment to put it in a safe place, away from pets and children, and remember where you left it.
  • Remove your jewelry and place it in a safe location before gardening, playing sports, or performing chores (especially those involving chemicals) around your home.
  • If you take your jewelry with you when you travel, use the hotel security vault for safe keeping. Do not pack jewelry in luggage because luggage is often stolen. Keep it in your purse or carry-on kept at your feet.


Bead Re-Stringing

Artisans have been making beaded jewelry and other adornments for thousands of years. With frequent wear and/or age comes the need to repair some of the wonderful creations these artists have made.

Don't worry, we offer a complete re-stringing service, from simple stringing of beads on elastic or cord to the more complicated knotting of pearls. Most bracelets and necklaces can be repaired or refurbished easily. Don't worry if you are missing some of the components, we carry a variety of findings and stringing tools to repair your pieces. We can sometimes complete your repair right on the spot.

Costume Jewelry Repair

While most stores won't touch costume jewelry, we pride ourselves on our ability to repair almost any piece of jewelry. Don't be afraid to bring us any piece you have: from your family heirlooms to a pair of base metal and CZ earrings, we treat each item as though it were our own. We stock a wide array of replacement stones (including foilbacks and cabochons) as well as parts.

Some of our services include:

  • Replacing Rhinestones
  • Earring Conversions
  • Replacing Pin Backs
  • Re-gluing Missing Stones/Cabochons
  • Soldering Broken or Missing Pieces
  • Converting Rings to Pendant (or Vice Versa)
  • Bead Stringing

How much does it cost?

Each piece will have different and unique problems or restrictions. While we can quote you an estimate on cost, the price may be different once we see the item or even once the work has begun (we will call you if more work than initially believed must be done). For estimates please bring your pieces to us at any time, and we will be able to give you an idea of how long it will take and how much it will cost.

Any jeweler can repair a piece of jewelry, but to do it correctly, one must have the knowledge and expertise garnered from years of professional training. Miner's Den has a well-trained professional staff of jewelry repair experts. We also have a complete on-site facility to carry out any jewelry repair you can imagine.

State of the Art Technology

The Rofin Laser, the most efficient and advanced laser welder on the market, is a compact, multi-purpose manual welding laser. It was designed to fulfill the specific requirements of the jewelry industry, workshops, and other institutes. An ergonomically optimized desktop-sized laser system, the Rofin achieves excellent results not only in the precise welding of jewelry components, but also in the design and repair of jewelry. Miner's Den employs the most up to date technology and equipment. This allows us to not only repair and design every type and style of jewelry, but it also dovetails well with our 3D Cad Cam system, Matrix. Our design team uses the latest version of Matrix, the most innovative design software for professional jewelers, in conjunction with state of the art computers to ensure software compatibility. This combination assures the consumer that their jewelry and its repair are of the highest quality available.

Platinum, Gold, and Silver Repairs Include:

  • Chain Repair
  • Clasp Replacement
  • Bracelet Repair
  • Earring Repair
  • Stone Tightening
  • Ring Rebuild
  • Convert Earrings (e.g. Clip-Ons to Posts)
  • Stone Replacement
  • Ring Sizing
  • Prong Replacement


Jewelry Refinishing

We often hear someone lament, "My piece is so dull. I don't like to wear it anymore". This can mean a number of things. Maybe the item has gotten worn. Perhaps the stones are dirty. Maybe you have grown tired of the design. Not to worry, we can help. Our knowledgeable staff can help you determine what's best for your piece, from a sonic cleaning or tumble polish to a stone replacement or even a complete rebuild.

How do you determine what jewelry needs to be refinished?

During a typical day at the Miner's Den, we clean and check more than a hundred pieces for our various customers. We check the condition of prongs, stone tightness, shank thickness, chain or link strength, clasp function, etc. Sometimes a simple polishing is not enough, and the piece of jewelry (or a part of it) needs to be refinished.

Can we refinish or repair anything? Yes, we can!

Miner's Den employs experts in both jewelry repair and refinishing. While many jewelers work only on gold, we pride ourselves on our ability to handle any type of job. From a base metal and rhinestone item to a platinum and diamond heirloom, we can fix it. We respect the value of sentiment and treat every piece with great care. Bring us anything, even those items you thought were beyond hope. We might just be able to bring them back to life.

How much does it cost?

It all depends on the complexity of the job. A simple rhinestone replacement can cost as little as $10, while the rebuild of an antique ring could come to as much as $1000. We will always carefully examine your item and give you a free estimate of both cost and time. We will contact you if our original estimations were incorrect and require adjusting. Between our extensive inventory of replacement parts and our generations of experience, you will find we are fast, affordable, and reliable.

What are the risks?


There are usually no risks at all; however, some jobs have unique aspects that may pose a challenge, even for us. We take great care to identify these conditions and do everything we can to avoid causing any damage to your item. If we think there is a chance that the piece may be discolored, stiff, or outright destroyed by the repair or refinish, we will tell you upon its initial inspection. Sometimes, but not often, we have to turn a piece away because there is no way that we can see how to ensure its reconstruction. More often than not, we find a way to repair your pieces so they can be worn with confidence once again. Furthermore, we guarantee all of our repairs for a full year (unless otherwise noted at the time of its intake).


Rhodium Plating


What is Rhodium?

Rhodium is a precious metal belonging to the platinum family. Rhodium electroplating is used to provide jewelry with a surface that will resist scratches and tarnish. It also gives a white, reflective, looking-like-new appearance.


Why use Rhodium Plating?

The term white gold is something of a misnomer. As you know, gold is actually yellow. What jewelers call white gold is an alloy (mixture) of gold and a white metal – usually manganese, silver, or palladium (another metal in the platinum family). Metals known as white appear as more of a gray color, even when polished. Without the rhodium plating, white gold has a yellowish hue. The higher the karat weight, the more gold contained in the alloy, and therefore the more yellow the metal appears. Since both jewelers and consumers want a bright white look, a very thin layer of rhodium is electroplated onto the piece to make the jewelry shine. White gold plated with rhodium will also keep its good looks longer; rhodium will not tarnish or discolor, and since it is harder than the gold, it is much less likely to get scratched.


Will Rhodium Plating Wear Off? How long does it last?

It is important that you understand that rhodium plating does not last forever. The plating will last much longer on a brooch that you only wear once or twice a year than it will on something like your wedding ring, which you’re wearing every day. On the less frequently worn items, the rhodium may last for ten years or more, whereas on rings it could start to wear off in as little as two years. Your body chemistry and even how physically active you are can also determine how quickly the rhodium might wear. The areas where the piece contacts the skin the most will start to show the yellowish hue of the pre-plated gold. Some alloy metals that are mixed with the gold to make white gold may cause a slight skin reaction. In some rare instances, there may be a reddening of your skin where exposed to the alloy when the plating wears away.


Can I get my pieces re-plated? How often do I need to have it done?


Yes, pieces can be re-plated. Any style of jewelry made with white gold can have the plating re-done: rings, earrings, brooches, etc. You are the best judge as to when your pieces need to be refinished. We have some customers who get their ring re-plated every 18 months, some every six months. You are the one who wears your jewelry, so if you notice a drastic color change, it’s probably time to have it re-plated. A visit to the Miner's Den is all it takes to bring your piece back to life. There is a $45 charge to rhodium plate 1 item, such as a ring or pendant. Other pieces may require an additional charge, depending on their size. A large, wide ring or complicated bracelet may cost more to re-plate because there is more rhodium being applied. Miner’s Den offers free first-time rhodium plating to any item purchased here.

You should be aware that rhodium plating will not fill in dents, dings, or scratches; it will, however, make them shinier and more noticeable. Our jewelers will buff and polish your pieces before applying the rhodium, ensuring that the re-plated piece is just as beautiful as the day you bought it.  



What Other Metals are Rhodium Plated?


Platinum and sterling silver jewelry may get rhodium plated by the manufacturer. Platinum is a white metal, so it does not need the rhodium plating to make it white. Rhodium is a brighter white than platinum, so it is used to enhance the shine of the item. Silver may get rhodium plated because it is a softer metal than rhodium. Plating the sterling silver with rhodium reduces the possibility of it getting deeply scratched. It will also keep the piece from tarnishing.


It will be less apparent when the rhodium begins to wear away from silver or platinum because the metal under the plating is white to begin with. Your piece will have a duller look, but won’t have a yellowish hue. Platinum won’t tarnish, but the exposed silver might; however, in most cases, neither will cause a skin reaction. Again, it’s really up to you as to when to get pieces like this re-plated.


When you shop for a new piece of jewelry in silver or platinum, it’s a good idea to ask if it has been rhodium plated. That way, you know that there may come a time when the piece begins to dull and needs new plating. Knowing how your jewelry was made will help you maintain it properly and enjoy its beauty for a lifetime.


Stone Cutting


The stone cutter carefully inspects the raw stone and chooses how best to cut it to yield as many shapes as possible. Perhaps a certain part of the rough would look best as a round, whereas another portion would make a beautiful oval. Cutters must find the natural flaws of the stone and find the ideal way to disguise them inside of a finished stone or use them to their advantage in finding the best shape. There are several shapes that stones may be cut into, depending on the rough stone with which the cutter begins. There is the classic round, princess, oval, marquise, and emerald, just to name a few. The emerald cut is named for the Emerald, as it was found to be the best way to not only bring out their beauty, but also to protect the fragile, naturally flawed gems from damage while cutting.



Faceted stones



Facets are the flat reflective surfaces of any cut stone. Faceted stones come in all sizes, from .01 carats to over 20,000 carats or more (the “Malaga”, the world’s largest faceted Citrine, weighs 20,200 carats). With transparent or semi-transparent gemstones like Diamonds or Fire Opals, the facets reflect the light back to your eye both on the surface and from the interior of the stone. The facets act like a window and a mirror; they let the light in and then bounce it around before it comes back out. With opaque stones like Onyx and Turquoise, the facets create sparkle on the surface.







A cabochon (cab-a-shon) is a stone that has been polished, but not faceted. They are usually rounded smooth on top (like a dome) and left flat on the bottom. They can also be flat, like a disc. Many opaque stones, like Opals, Lapis, and Tiger Eye, are formed into cabochons. This is because they display a phenomenon known as chatoyancy (an iridescence that arises from fibrous inclusions in the stone). You may even see gemstones like Sapphire, Ruby, and Emerald cut into cabochons. With stones like Ruby and Sapphire, this is done because those types of gemstones can also display an asterism (a six-pointed star which appears when light is shone onto the top of the stone).


When would I use stone cutting?



Diamonds may be the hardest substance known to mankind, but they are also brittle. Hardness is the resistance to scratching, whereas toughness is the resistance to breakage. The only thing on Earth that can scratch a Diamond is another Diamond, but if you knock your engagement ring really hard against a counter-top you can chip the Diamond. Depending on the way the Diamond is chipped, it is possible to have it re-cut. Most of the time, only a small amount of the original carat weight gets sacrificed to remove chips from the stone. If you are considering having a chipped Diamond re-cut, bring it to us; we are more than happy to answer any questions you may have.


Colored Stones like Tanzanite and Amethyst don’t have the hardness of a Diamond, so they may become abraded when worn often, especially in a ring. Abrasions and wear tend to make colored stones look dull, and you may not wear those pieces anymore just for the fact that the stones have become drab. Miner’s Den can help you make them like new again. Let us look over your rings, earrings, anything and everything that you feel would benefit from a re-polish. With our help, you’ll be able to wear them regularly again, worry-free.


Watch Batteries


All Watch Batteries are FREE!


The most common problem with today's watches is the battery life. We quickly became specialists in watch battery replacement. Unlike other stores that charge up to ten dollars to replace a battery, we do it for FREE! That's right, FREE WATCH BATTERIES!!!

We do ask that you leave a $10* donation per battery via one of the donation pigs located on our counter tops. All money collected in the pigs go to local charities, including The Boys and Girls Club. It's our way of giving back to our community, and if you choose to leave a donation, it's yours too!

Check this out...
As of 2015, with just eight years of offering this service, we managed to raise over $175,000 for local charities!! 

$175,000.00! WOW!!!

If we charged five dollars for every battery during this time... that means we must have changed 35,000 batteries to equal $175,000.
That's a lot of batteries!

*Watches with screw-on case backs are $20 each battery.

We can change most batteries while you wait!


Watch Repair

We repair most makes and models of watches. Our watch makers are certified in many major brands and styles of watches. In addition to watch repair, we also offer a cleaning and re-finishing service as well as battery replacement.


What should I have repaired?


It's different for everyone. The best advice is "how much do you like the watch?" or "is it a family heirloom" or "can I replace it cheaper?" If you love the watch or it is a family heirloom than it is a good idea to have it repaired. If there is no sentimental attachment than think about replacing the watch.


How much do watch repairs cost?


The price will vary with each watch. A simple overhaul (cleaning and oil) can be as little as $65 while new crystals start at $45. There are hundreds of different problems and solutions when repairing watches, but keep in mind that whatever the problem is, we will always try our best to fix it.


What is the process for getting a watch repaired?


We use watch makers that specialize in different watch types as well as watch brands. Once we determine the type of watch and the problem, we will send it the person most qualified to repair that particular model. The watch maker will examine the problem and make a determination on cost and time. You will be notified before any work is performed. The normal time, start to finish, is about 6 to 8 weeks.


What if I decide to not have the watch repaired?


No Problem. All quotes are done without obligation; however, there is a $20 diagnosis fee. If you decide not to have any work done, we will simply return the watch to you. If you decide to have the work done, the fee is credited towards the repair. We keep records of the quote for one year and will honor that price should you decide to have the watch repaired at a later date.


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